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Small Business Social Media Marketing on a Budget — Sparky Social will identify and research your target market, develop a social media marketing strategy, and publish social media posts that engage your audience, putting your brand name in front of prospective customers on a daily basis — for only $250 per month!

Save Time

We post on social media so you don’t have to! Sparky Social handles all social media posting, commenting, and social negativity monitoring for your small business.  We promote your small business brand on social media daily, for only $250/month, so that you can focus on running your small business.

Cancel Anytime

With Sparky Social, you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice, so we will do everything we can to earn the ongoing business of your small business!  Social media marketing for your small business on a budget — $250/month — with no long-term contracts!


You pay $250/ month for:

  • Social media posts

  • Monthly analytics & reports

  • Cancel anytime (with 30 days’ notice)

Why choose us?

  • No complicated price structure

  • No games or gimmicks

  • No long-term contracts

About Us

Sparky Social is different.

There are hundreds of social media marketing companies to choose from. Many of them promise results that are too good to be true, make guarantees that are impossible to fulfill, and gladly charge thousands of dollars for their services. These companies over-promise, over-charge, and under-deliver.  Sparky Social is different.  We keep it simple: for $250 per month, we post social media for your small business and monitor all your social media accounts, so that you can spend your time running your small business.

Focus on your business.

Sparky Social keeps social media simple. We set up your social media accounts and research your target audience. Then we post on social media for you so that you can focus on running your small business.

No-nonsense, no-brainer pricing.

You pay us $250 per month, and we post on social media to promote your brand. No bells. No whistles. No false promises or misleading hype. And you can cancel at any time with a month’s notice.  We’re just what your small business needs, and within your budget.

Put some *spark* in your social with Sparky Social!

Why is social media important to your business?


Percentage of shoppers who said that social media played a role in their buying decision.

#Socialnomics 2014
802 million

Number of daily active users on
Facebook alone!

Social Media Slant

Higher conversion rates to sales than other channels.


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